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  • To all Minanhons

    • Good day!

      Welcome to the official website of the Municipality of Mina.  We need your help improving our website.  Please send us pictures of our town dating back to 1992 or older.  We will be putting your contributions up on our official page.  It is an opportunity to share our town's history with our website visitors.   You can send us the pictures directly to the staff in the Mina Community eCenter (CEC); or email us here.  Thank you and we hope to hear from you!



The Mina Community eCenter


    The Mina Community eCenter (Mina CeC) managed by the Local Government Unit of Mina. This located on a two-storey building annexed to the Mina Town Hall, with the ground floor for different CeC Services, now equipped with 40 units of computers to cater the different ICT-enabled services offered to the public by the LGU. On the Second floor is the lecture room and Farmers Information Technology (FITS) Center for the farmers ICT needs.


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